Ribbits Stickits


Nail vinyls, water slide nail decals, larger vinyl stickers, scented liquid latex for nail art, nail charms, and custom vinyls and decals available as well.

Nail Vinyl Instructions:

Water Slide Decal Instructions:

1. Paint your nails, let dry completely.

2. Cut out the image you want to use, as close to the image as possible.

3. Place your image in WARM water for 5 to 10 seconds.

4. Use your thumb and index finger to slide the paper backing from the image.

5. Place the image on your nail, pressing down to remove bubbles.

7. Add a quick dry top coat to seal in the decal.


1. Clear backing decals work best on light colored polish. You can paint the back of the image (just the image) with white paint to make it pop!

For best results paint the back of the image (only the image) with white acrylic paint or nail polish. The easiest way to do this is to put the decal upside down on a stamp head and then carefully add paint. Let the paint dry completely before adding it to your nail. 

2. White backing decals will pop over any color polish, but you have to trim VERY close to the image.

2. Rounds edges work best when trimming.

3. You can add a thin layer of top coat to your nail before adding your decal so it will stick easier.

Large Vinyl Decal Instructions:

1. Scrape over the entire image, going several different directions (scrape with a credit card, or something with a hard, thin edge), This will help the decal stick to the transfer sheet.

2. Place the decal face down and slowly peel the white backing from the translucent transfer sheet. Remove transfer tape slowly, making sure all pieces of the decal are sticking to the transfer tape. 

3. Clean the surface where you are applying your decal.

4. Add your decal to the surface, smooth down with your fingers.

5. Take your scraper (credit card, etc) and scrape all over the image, several different directions. 

6. Slowly and carefully remove the transfer sheet leaving your decal in place.