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Background Mat - 4x6, holo

Background Mat - 4x6, holo

All Patterned paper that I currently have in stock are available for you to see at this link: https://goo.gl/photos/gvCvSTeQnBjyNMrTA

I have every color of the rainbow in paper. If nothing I have in stock interests you I can get anything that catches your eye at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Message me for more details or to chat about your custom wishes!

 I can do any font that can be downloaded free online.

Laminated mats for use as background for pics and vids. These are not acetone safe (I have gotten acetone on mine, it doesn't melt it, but it does dull the finish and I would say repeated exposure would ruin it.) After (or before) purchase you will need to contact me via email (ribbitsstickitscustomrequest@gmail.com) or via DM on IG about the specifics you want for your mat. 

Send the following info to ribbitsstickitscustomrequest@gmail.com

Single or double sided, not holo.

1. Do you know what you would like for your background? Specific color? Themed paper?

2. What font do you want? I can do any font that is available for download for free on a site like dafont.com.

3. Do you want one font, random sizes? Random fonts?

4. What exactly do you want it to say? If it's your IG name, do you want it with or with out the @?

5. What color font?

Because these are custom additional time may be needed before they are shipped.

Custom orders can take up to 2 weeks to create and process! Please contact me before placing an order if this is an issue.