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Cotton Candy

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This listing contains all items currently available in the Cotton Candy scent.

Scent Description: sweet spun-sugar delight (Ribbits Stickits blend)

Product Descriptions:

15ml Cuticle Cover (Liquid Latex)

Brush Un-frog-gettable Cuticle Cover around your nail on the cuticle area, sides and under your finger depending on what nail technique you are doing. Un-frog-gettable makes clean up much easier when sponging, stamping, marbling, using powders, etc. Dries quickly, peels off easily, the scent will be most apparent after the latex is dry, and will linger once the latex has been removed. 

This product contains Latex.

Care for best results:

-Store Un-frog-gettable Cuticle Cover in a cool, dark area, but not in the fridge.

-Un-frog-gettable Cuticle Cover is made with fragrance oils and these oils can sometimes settle at the bottom of the bottle, so if needed please shake gently to reincorporate the oils in to the latex.

-When not in use, place the lid back onto your bottle of Un-frog-gettable Cuticle Cover. Do not leave the lid off for long periods of time.

-Winter Disclaimer: Please note that latex can freeze in climates below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius and this can render the product unusable. Please keep in mind of cold weather upon ordering any products containing latex.

Ingredients: Latex, Fragrance oils.